For Insurance Carriers

KnownCircle® is the leading provider of digital marketing solutions to carriers, insurance agents and brokers. Our branded solutions for carriers add a social layer to your agency finder, designed to enhance site visitors experience. Warm leads coming directly from your website increases an agent’s loyalty to your brand.

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Agency Finder + Social

Enhance your Agency Finder pages with our “Social Endorsement” plug-in

  • Today's agency finder results are zipcode based. There is very little to differentiate between agents in the same zipcode for your site visitors
  • Placed next to search results, our plugin immediately shows the names and pictures of everyone who has endorsed an agent
  • Your site visitors can further tune the results to see their friend endorsements by signing in with their Facebook id
  • The social validation or social proof helps your visitors narrow down to the list of agents to contact
  • Agents benefit by seeing more leads coming from your carrier site and your brand stands out from the competition
  • With very little investment from your end, our plug-in adds value to your site visitors and to your agents in your network

Agent Pages + Endorse

Enhance your Agents Pages with our “Endorse Website” plug-in

  • Our powerful plug-in allows your site visitors to endorse and refer agents to friends and family on multiple social media channels and email
  • The network effect for each client endorsement multiplies by 200x in social media
  • Friends clicking on social media endorsements are taken to the agent's page on your site and can then connect with the agent
  • Agents appreciate warm leads coming directly from your website, increasing their loyalty to your brand


How is your “Social Endorsement / Agency Finder” different from Facebook page plug-in?

  • Our plug-in shows endorsements not only from Facebook, but also shows endorsements from Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and email
  • When visitors login via Facebook, we show complete list of their friends who have endorsed that agent (With Facebook you get “you and one other friend”)
  • We offer a branded experience on your site and form-factor of our widget is designed to fit your Agency Finder results page

Can our corporate marketing team drive agent endorsements?

  • Yes, and we encourage corporate marketing team to drive endorsements for their agents. This can be achieved by reaching out to existing clients of the agent and requesting them for an endorsement
  • Their clients would be able to make endorsements using our pre-written content (or personalize them) and share on one or more social media channels

How does the carrier relationship look like?

  • We will create a co-branded experience with the carrier
  • Provide all marketing and training material
  • Phone and online support for agents
  • Simple setup of agent’s profile page in a matter of minutes
  • SLAs and mutually agreeable revenue share arrangements

We continue to work on new solution for carriers like yours and we would like to hear from you directly.

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