About us

KnownCircle® offers digital marketing solutions for agents and service providers. We not only help them retain existing customers, but leverage them to grow their business. KnownCircle is part of Pramati Group, a corporate incubator that backs innovative startups in cloud, social and mobile technologies.

For Agents and Service Providers

Personalized marketing to customers

A major Bain & Company study on customer loyalty and digital transformations in P&C and Life insurance, makes a few recommendations. One of them is to invest in “wowing customers,” not merely responding to their claims and policy questions. To do so effectively, you need a good strategy and marketing solutions that would make it a reality. The strategy we recommend is one built around customer engagement and nurturing via personalized marketing to your customer base. If done right, you can recruit your loyal customers to help you grow your business. We offer a number of digital solutions to help you not only retain existing customers but leverage them to grow your business.

Automate your referral process. Warm leads, not cold calling internet leads.

Your loyal customers are your best source for high quality leads. While traditional “Word-of-mouth” techniques like requesting for referrals over phone or in-person worked in the past, they are no longer scalable or the right medium to engage with your customers. Our referral solutions leverages mobile and social media to amplify your personalized marketing. You can now easily seek and get endorsements from your loyal customers, and grow your business by reaching their friends and family. Each of these endorsements results in 200x amplification for your personal brand. The results are referral leads that are delivered straight to your inbox. Put an end to cold calling and reach out to these warm leads.

For Insurance Carriers

Our branded solutions for carriers add a social layer to your agency finder, designed to enhance site visitors experience. Warm leads coming directly from your website increases an agent’s loyalty to your brand. See more details on the Carriers page